Mutual Funds

For most investors, investing in mutual funds may be an easy way to diversify your holdings. Within each mutual fund, you are
basically pooling your money with thousands of other investors, to purchase common stock of many companies, within one fund.

By purchasing mutual funds, you are provided with the immediate benefit of instant diversification and asset allocation without the
large amounts of cash needed to create individual portfolios.

Load Funds - Sales fees and commissions are generally charged.

No-Load Funds - Sales fees and commissions are not charged, but management fees typically apply.


Capital Preservation: These funds offer stability and more safety than other types of funds, & they strive to provide a small amount
of income to investors. Most invest in short-term, fixed-income investments.

Growth: Designed to produce the highest long-term results, these funds usually maximize capital appreciation with little to no
income for the investor. It may be a riskier fund group, as they primarily invest in companies that have potential for above-average
price appreciation.

Growth & Income: These are designed to produce long-term results. However, these funds also provide income to the investor.
Generally, investments are divided among larger, well-seasoned domestic & global companies and bonds.

Income: May be most suitable for investors seeking higher levels of income, these funds generally invest in common stocks, as well
as government and corporate bonds. Normally less volatile than the stock market, they are sensitive to interest rate changes.

For more complete information about mutual funds - including charges and expenses - please ask for a prospectus. Read your
prospectus carefully before you invest in mutual funds.

For monthly or quarterly investments into mutual funds, Systematic Investment Plans Are Available (Load or No load). Contact your
advisor to inquire about establishing this type of account.

Lookup Mutual Fund Break Point Information - FINRA
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