Atlantic Wealth Private Client Group

Private Client Group

Atlantic Wealth Private Client (AWPC) Group provides advice-based wealth management
services and products to individual clients and businesses nationwide. Our business model is based
on our experience with high net-worth individuals living overseas & domestically. We focus on the
one-to-one relationships that we have developed with our diversified client base.

AWPC utilizes our access to our myriad of investment options to mold a client’s complete portfolio.
All aspects of your life are considered, enabling our advisors to become essential partners to our
clients and provide customized financial planning and wealth management advice, products and

AWPC specializes in financial planning & wealth management for high net-worth individuals and
small business owners. This platform is designed for individuals or businesses with a net worth of
$20 Million or investable assets of at least $5 Million. We also serve individuals through employee
retirement plans administered and managed on behalf of corporations in Florida.

Our financial advisors develop a relationship with the client that is reminiscent of the early days of
Wall Street. No longer will your account be lost in the shuffle. Once an advisor is selected, he will
strive in becoming your personal CFO- that is, advising on your complete financial picture, leaving
no stone unturned. To our Private Client Group, we offer complete service in: global & domestic
investments, banking, alternative investments, traditional investments & wealth management. We
also provide Retirement Planning & Life Insurance as well as Estate & Legacy Planning.

We will constantly research innovative products and services for our Private Client Group clients
that may not be available to individual investors.

We utilize modern technology to provide an open architecture platform for our financial advisors
that will enable them to recommend a breadth of products and services — both proprietary and non
proprietary. Maintaining a constant around-the-clock eye on world markets is critical, to both our
clients’ and our success.

Contact an advisor and refer to AWPC to establish a Private Client account today.
Private Client Group
“Wealth is the ability to
fully experience life.”
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-Henry David Thoreau
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+ 1 954 315 3921
+ 1 954 315 3921
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